Intelligent Buildings

The world today demands data – and it can be used to understand, improve and adapt the buildings we interact with.

Partner, Intelligent Buildings

Matthew Warner, Partner at Hoare Lea

Lead Partner:
Matthew Warner

Intelligent Buildings:
Networks of knowledge.

Enrich the experience of your building users. Increase operational efficiency. Achieve previously unreachable work flows. Continuously monitor and analyse contextual insights… what’s not to like?

In the past, integration of ecosystems for building services was either without significant purpose or limited in function, reach, and robustness. Now we can push boundaries to achieve an exceptional user experience, the best possible operational benefit, and a wealth of data insight to support business decisions.

We architect the right blend of ecosystem adaption, new technologies, and a wrap of digital architecture, to achieve the goals of the building users, operators and landlords.

Our specialist teams:

ICT Services

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The unconventional, stimulating and progressive room format means students and teachers have new opportunities for focused group working, voting, content sharing and collaboration.