Applied Research & Innovation

Research can help us not only imagine but conscientiously shape the future – creating insights, knowledge, and a foundation for action.

Applied Research & Innovation Lead

Specialism Lead:
Sam Wilkinson

Applied Research & Innovation:
Our pioneering spirit.

Applied Research and Innovation (ARI) is an evolving, open, multi-disciplinary team using design and research methods to explore and implement new ideas.

Within Hoare Lea, we are building the capabilities, tools, networks and culture to catalyse research and innovation with our collaborators. And beyond, we work with universities and other businesses on applied research to co-develop solutions to complex challenges.

ARI brings together a core team leading on in-depth research programmes, alongside visiting researchers on shorter exploratory quests.

Our live research areas include:

• Regenerative practice
• Climate resilience
• Artificial intelligence
• Innovation districts
• Circular economy
• Urban development

If you are interested in finding out more, collaborating or working with us, please get in touch: