Building Intelligence

From an enhanced user experience, to increased operational efficiency and business excellence - we believe the future is building intelligence.

Project Director, Building Intelligence.

Matthew Warner, Partner at Hoare Lea

Lead Partner:
Matthew Warner

Building Intelligence:
Designing the future.

Enrich the experience of your building users. Increase operational efficiency. Achieve previously unreachable workflows. Unlock new opportunities for revenue generation. Empower your business with data… what’s not to like?

Just a few years ago, integration of ecosystems for building services was either without significant purpose or limited in function, scale and robustness. Now we can push boundaries to achieve an exceptional user experience, the best operational benefit, and a wealth of data insights to support business decisions.

Business focused
We unlock potential ROI opportunities and provide access to data insights to support your business decisions.

Empathy driven
We help you transform your business by proposing the right technology applications for your building and people.

Underpinned by technology
We curate authentic user journeys that offer seamless digital integration with the physical world.

We work closely with:
Building Performance
Lighting Design

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Building with intelligence and offering digital experiences.

Oakridge is a ‘best-in-class’ digitally enabled environment that aims to deliver greater asset value, optimised building operations and excellent user experience.