Positive impact: our 2023 CR report.


Environmental & social outcomes as measures of our success.

How do we ensure we are a firm that lives our values?

How do enable transparency in all that we are working towards?

How do we measure our success as a firm guided by something more than profit?

Today, we are sharing our 2023 CR report – which allows us to answer all these questions. Guided by our North Star ethos of being truly human-centric and planet conscious, we embarked on a journey that deliberately aligns our business with these aspirations.

We have focused on developing a value-creation framework, that prioritises social and environmental outcomes as measures of our success.

Why have a CR report?

While we have been active in the CR space for many years, this is the first time we’ve set ourselves a series of baseline metrics so that we can be transparent. Immense leaps have been made in recent years in regards to robust and clear measurement, and we are pleased that our report is able to demonstrate the myriad of ways a firm can contribute to a better society and a thriving planet.

Producing a yearly report like this means that we can highlight and celebrate our journey and milestones – and provide greater insight into our firm for those who wish to understand our CR credentials and ethos.

This first report doesn’t capture everything we’re doing, but clearly sets out the key areas we are focusing our attention on. Each year, we’ll be able to look back to see just how far we travel as a firm. But for now, we know that there is plenty more work that needs to be done.

This has been an immense piece of firm-wide work, and we want to make sure all our people and clients are rightly proud of the firm’s achievements and the part they’ve played in making them happen.

Justin Spencer, Managing Director

Download our 2023 CR report