Net Zero: Commercial Retrofit


Building the case for net zero.

We know that improving the performance of our commercial buildings will be crucial if we are to reach net zero. That’s why we’re a Project Partner on the UK Green Building Council Commercial Retrofit workstream and pleased to share the launch of this years guidance, ‘Building the Case for Net Zero: Retrofitting Office Buildings.’ This guidance examines which retrofit strategies are the most cost and carbon effective when upgrading a commercial office.

We provided case study projects, verification modelling and input into the data sets used for the analysis, along with helping to structure the guidance and key messages that would be derived from it.  Collaborating with like-minded professionals and comparing approaches and results from our work was really satisfying to draw conclusions that should help guide the industry through similar assessments.

John Pirouet, Associate Director

Why we need commercial retrofit

Commercial buildings currently represent 23% of built environment carbon emissions in the UK. Securing a net zero built environment in line with the Paris Agreement cannot be achieved without addressing the operational emissions associated with this sector.


The 10 key considerations to support net zero pathways.

In addition to the climate impact of commercial buildings, accelerating the pace of commercial retrofit will also be required to meet the growing demand for sustainable office space in the UK. Recent analysis from UKGBC member JLL revealed that real estate assets with stronger sustainability credentials are increasingly attracting higher capital values and rents. Furthermore, JLL note the forthcoming tightening of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) means investors are likely to consider more sustainable buildings to be less risky, and that it will pay to be on the front foot and invest in the green building sector now.

Read the full report here.