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Future Homes Standard Consultation & GLA New London Plan.

There have been significant changes and consultations on a number of key Government policies in recent months.

To translate the complex information for our clients, our Sustainability group has produced two documents that outline The Part L and the Future Homes Standard consultation summary response and the updates to The GLA New London Plan.













The Part L and the Future Homes Standard.

In late 2019, the Government released its consultation on an update to Building Regulation supported by an update to the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP 10.1) and Approved Document L.

Responses to the consultation were invited, and our firm gave feedback. In January 2021, the government released its official response to the consultation along with supporting updates to Approved Document L.

Our document summarises the key aspects of the consultation response, along with fabric and servicing approaches that could respond to the Future Homes Standard.

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The GLA New London Plan.

The New London Plan (NLA) sets out a framework for how London will develop sustainably during the next 20-25 years.

The Plan is part of the statutory development plan for London, meaning that its policies will inform decisions on planning applications across the capital.

Having been part of the consultation process, we understand the myriad changes compared to the old London Plan (2016). Our summary note covers the range of updates to the plan.

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