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Our people: Ruth Kelly Waskett.


Expanding our daylighting capabilities.

The impact of daylight design has become increasingly recognised as integral to the success of projects – affecting everything from planning and performance to selling and the end-user experience.

In response to this, in 2017 our Lighting Design team welcomed Ruth Kelly Waskett to lead our daylight specialism. She is a highly skilled daylight specialist who has been involved with designing buildings for more than 15 years – first as a mechanical building services engineer, and later as a lighting specialist.

Before joining Hoare Lea, Ruth completed a PhD about the user experience of smart glazing in a UK office building. She has continued her involvement with academia as a visiting lecturer at UCL, contributing to the MSc Light & Lighting and the MEng Architecture & Engineering.

What drives me is making buildings that are healthier for people and the planet, and daylight is a key component of both of those aspects.

Ruth’s five facts.

  1. She was President of the Society of Light & Lighting in 2021/22.
  2. She was principal author of the 2014 CIBSE Lighting Guide 10 (Daylighting).
  3. One of Ruth’s favourite buildings is the Newgrange monument in Ireland, built circa 3,200 BCE!
  4. She was Young Lighter of the Year in 2006.
  5. Ruth completed a PhD in Daylighting in 2016.


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