Enabling a smarter future for energy.


A new scheme will use smart meter data to improve energy strategy.

A consortium we headed up has been successful in winning funding for the first of a three-phase Government programme to develop an energy management service based on smart-meter data analytics for the schools sector. Our role will be to provide energy management expertise.

The school market is large, with potentially up to 23,000 sites.

The strategies and software developed will have applications across many sectors both in the UK and globally.

The project will contribute to the development of data analysis and visualisation software, creating real-time and historical electricity and gas profiles from smart meters. The solutions and engagement tools will allow the key decision-makers in schools to understand their energy usage and identify energy savings.  It is our hope that the energy model profiles will become an intrinsic part of helping those with limited time and budget to take control of their energy strategies… and also be seen as a trusted, independent and industry validated approach.

The project is a great example of our firm leading the way – using technology and our intellectual insight to deliver tools that enable others to make informed choices.