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Episode one.

We ask: what’s the secret to truly sustainable design? It’s clear it isn’t just about a zero carbon future or digital flexibility. In fact, it spans the social, the human, the physical, the natural, and the economic.

Episode 2.

We take a look at the revolution taking place in dementia research. The UK is pioneering a transformative approach into early diagnosis, prevention and treatment for this devastating disease. What will the next decade hold for this research, and what part does design play in making it possible?

Episode 3.

We hear from two key designers of the Social Contact Pod – a collaborative project launched in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. The brainchild of Scott Brownrigg’s Design Research Unit, along with support from our firm and Ramboll, the pod will allow families to spend valuable time with loved ones without the risk of contamination.

Episode 4.

Andrew chats to world renowned English architect Stephen Hodder. Together they discuss his unique journey with Hodder + Partners, and explore a variety of hot topics – from resilience and refurbishment to net zero carbon ambitions. Stephen also shares more about his latest project, RHS Bridgewater, which was named as a top 20 alternative ethical destination for 2020.

Episode 5.

Join Andrew as he chats to two fascinating experts in extreme environments: Scott Parazynski, an American physician and a former NASA astronaut, who completed five Space Shuttle flights and seven spacewalks; and Kelvin Murray, a Professional Diver and Expedition Leader who has undertaken exploratory missions on every continent and ocean on our planet.

Episode 6.

Andrew chats to the pioneering Helle Søholt. As one of the Founding Partners, and current CEO of Gehl, she provides a fascinating insight into the latest developments in human-centric design. Together they discuss everything from data-driven knowledge and planning, to the transformation of global cities in light of the current pandemic, and the enduring impact of social value.

Episode 7.

In this episode, Andrew talks to two film-industry giants: Nick Smith, President of Blackhall Studios, and David Godfrey, a Consultant on major studio developments across the globe. Together, they share their unique perspective on what the future holds for UK film and TV, their time spent as Directors of the pioneering Pinewood Studios, and how the creation of quality spaces is more vital than ever.

Episode 8.

Join Andrew as he chats to Wayne Hemingway, one of Britain’s most influential designers. As co-founder of Red or Dead, creator of the award-winning Hemingway Design, and current Design Advocate to the Mayor of London, he is a man on a mission. Determined to realise his philosophy of always improving the things that matter in life, here he shares his vision for social-led place-making, human-centred housing design, and how we must create a more purpose-driven construction industry.

Episode 9.

In this episode Andrew chats to Dr Abdullahi Sheriff about the transformation of the healthcare sector. He shares his inspiring vision for better approaches to problem solving, along with insight into person-centred healthcare, collaboration, and the sector’s technological advancement.

Episode 10.

Andrew chats to David Adams, CEO of ADS Independent Living Solutions. Together with his wife, he created the Smile Homes concept: a person-centric home that’s truly bespoke to the individual needs of people with learning challenges, autism, mental health challenges or physical differences. He talks about his vision for inclusivity, technology, modularisation, and the individual and societal benefits of people with additional need being able to live independently