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Gunfire Noise Analysis Tool (GNAT).

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Andrew Bullmore, Partner at Hoare Lea

Lead Partner:
Andrew Bullmore

Bespoke noise monitoring solutions.

We have now completed the delivery of both a replacement and upgrade to the noise monitoring systems on several Ministry of Defence sites. These will be used during training to manage noise exposure and protect civilians.

Unique requirements.

These noise monitoring systems need to be operational 24/7. To make this possible, each unit is resilient to the elements meaning they are readily available when necessary regardless of the conditions. We extended capability by utilising portable monitors with GPS to improve data gathering capabilities. This is paired with simple, user friendly controls to ensure easy client deployment.

Optimised connectivity.

Our unique solution provides a robust, cloud based portal. This dedicated server will safely host all collected data in real time. It can be accessed securely by authorised users and deliver automated alerts and warnings. Each monitor uses mobile data, meaning that it is not geographically dependant and can be used in most places across the world.

Key Figures
43 monitoring systems
15 UK sites