Our people

Matthew Chambers


I was always interested in finding out how things worked, and by age 16 I had built my first car. A career in mechanical engineering was always a logical choice and building services proved to be both varied and challenging with personal interactions and engineering excellence.

Engineering human experiences.

Magpas air ambulance’s new HQ in East Anglia makes a real impact to the people it services. As an engineer, I can help contribute to: getting paramedics into a helicopter a minute earlier, giving doctors comfortable surroundings so they’re well rested, and providing staff with the right visual communication tools so they have all the information to save lives at their fingertips… All that in a bespoke design with a great client.

Biggest engineering challenge.

 There have been some significant engineering challenges on the University of Cambridge Cavendish III Laboratory. We have engineered labs that can be controlled to extremely tight, world-class temperature, humidity and vibration criteria; the kind of brief that sounds bonkers and unachievable, but is exactly the sort of compelling engineering challenge that gets me out of bed in the morning.