Watch: Dr Sharon Richardson's talk at Designing the Future 2024.


Harnessing AI in the built environment.

We’re not going to solve the complex issues in our industry without the speed and power of AI.

says this forward-thinking strategist, whose focus lies in algorithmic and data-driven innovations and their impact on behaviour. Dr Sharon Richardson truly gets AI and how it is pulling the future forward. Breakthroughs that even recently seemed decades of are now accelerating towards us much faster than we expected: i.e. using AI to discover materials that could lead to vastly more efficient batteries. Imagine how it might bring forward fruit-bearing solutions to the built environment’s biggest challenges. Here is a real disruptor with real-world application, and while AI is only part of the answer, we must harness its capabilities for better outcomes.

Recorded at our 2024 national Designing the Future event at the Royal Institution, London.