What's next for WiredScore?


Updates to the Commercial Scorecard.

WiredScore are updating the certification for offices to v3.1, for both new developments and occupied buildings, utilizing their experience of certifying over 800 million square feet of real estate worldwide to optimize the certification experience, guidance, and tools. The previous scorecard (v3) will continue to be available until 31 October 2023, and any certifications that are currently in progress will continue unchanged.

Hybrid working patterns.

WiredScore certification for offices v3.1 promotes the use of cleaner sources of back-up power, and rewards future-ready building and policy design to create more resilient assets. The role of the office has been transformed by the rise of hybrid working patterns. Users expect seamless connectivity throughout their office, from the parking lot to shared desk areas, elevators to meeting rooms. WiredScore have updated the Wi-Fi and mobile criteria to enable the delivery of spaces that promote productivity and collaboration within the workplace.

The updated innovation credits framework guides clients on how to move beyond providing great technology infrastructure, to deliver and monitor building performance and drive exceptional occupier experiences. Our Building Intelligence Director Magnus Leask explains,

Innovation credits are now achievable with specific guidance on how they can be achieved.

This design note is intended to provide information and guidance on changes and omissions now included in the latest upgrade of the WiredScore Commercial Scorecard from version 3.0 to 3.1.

Major changes.

With the previous revision 3.0 a maximum point total available was 105, the new revision 3.1, the maximum total points available has risen to 151. However, only 105 points are still available within the categories defined. The new standard enables scoring more points, but only up to a certain limit. The certification levels still remain the same as per version 3.0.

The major changes within version 3.1 that could impact costs are the increase in mobile phone coverage to include minimum signal levels, the doubling of points available to 12 and the inclusion of 5G coverage, where if not included, will incur a loss of 2 points per operator.

It should also be noted that the innovation credits have been expanded significantly. The original version 3.0 had 5 points available with a single item that was quite ambiguous. The new version 3.1 has significantly expanded it’s scoring to include some specific requirements that can be achieved to score the maximum 5 points available for this category.