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Our people: Kwok Wai Yip.


Kwok Wai Yip, Senior Associate

A natural progression into the Sustainability group.

I joined Hoare Lea as a Graduate in 2005…

…and have been here ever since! I completed a Masters in Environmental Engineering at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. The course no longer exists, but it was an interesting mix of mechanical engineering with a focus on renewable energy systems. Something considered quite novel at the time.

Having spent 18 years as a Mechanical Engineer…

…and being fortunate enough to lead some prolific projects for the firm, I felt the desire to try something different and contribute to the firm in another way.

MEP and Sustainability are so intrinsically linked nowadays, it feels like a natural progression to transfer over into the Sustainability group. I am excited to continue my career in that area and use my experience to impact projects in a different way.

In my new role…

…I will be project leading on existing and new projects for the South West Sustainability team. Simultaneously, I will be learning and embedding myself in the many ways (too many to list) that our Sustainability team contribute to projects in an impactful way. I hope that my experience as an MEP engineer offers a beneficial perspective to our outputs as a Sustainability group. Ultimately, I would like to see our Sustainability expertise embedded into every MEP team.

I am still learning…

…so I am excited about everything! As a project leader, I hope to be across every output that we deliver for a project and to ensure that they have a real effect on people and the planet, aligning with our five capitals of sustainable design. Having spent the best part of the last 10 years working almost exclusively in the London market, I am excited to be working on some exciting projects in my home city of Bristol. At last, I will be able to walk around the town and show my friends and family what I actually do!

Outside of work…

…aside from ferrying my two young children around on my cargo bike, you can probably find me on a tennis court or camping at the weekends. This summer we enjoyed our first music festival experience as a family (4 days at Green Man in sunny South Wales) and hope this is a sign of things to come.