Watch: Frances Brown’s talk at Designing the Future 2023


Who’s not in the room? Group bias in design.

A look at the inherent unconscious bias present in similar groups of people, and the risks this can present, as well as the opportunity to bring a wider range of voices into the room when designing for future generations.

When you’re in a group, you get the perspectives of all the other people in the room, so long as that group has a variety of perspectives, and so long as they feel safe to disagree and to speak up…

Frances Brown discusses the value of drawing on various perspectives during decision making, as well as the exclusivity of expertise, different generations and their impact on our perspective, and finding solutions by looking at problems from lots of angles.

If perspectives are so important to creating the right decisions, why is that not the basis of every group we form?

Recorded at our 2023 national Designing the Future event at the Royal Institution, London.