Watch: Bernice Lee OBE’s talk at Designing the Future 2023


Cooking without gas: selling the low-carbon transition.

At the intersection of climate action, geopolitics and international trade, strategist, thought-leader and change-maker Bernice Lee OBE has been central to major shifts taking climate change from the political fringes to the mainstream.

Here the Hoffmann Distinguished Fellow for Sustainability discusses the transition away from fossil fuels, given their ubiquitous presence in today’s economy. The focus in the net zero conversation is often sectoral strategies, technology choices or technical issues, but the critical missing piece is engagement and the need to bring people with us on the low-carbon journey, for which we have no blueprint.

We must work better together and resist capitalising on being the only ones who are right. We must all be right together. Delivery may be bumpy, but it is equivalent to our success.

Recorded at our 2023 national Designing the Future event at the Royal Institution, London.