The future of infrastructure: our expertise in The Times.


Insight into infrastructure clusters.

Laurence Johnson, head of our Utility & Energy Infrastructure group, and Engineer James Crawford, contributed their expertise to a special report published in the 2023 March edition of The Times.

The climate crisis report brought together industry-experts’ views on the future of energy, discussing ‘economic hubs’ where people and companies are drawn to a location because of its access to plentiful low-carbon, low-cost energy. Laurence explained:

These types of hubs will draw industries in by providing the most economic place for them to meet their needs,” says Johnson. “As engineers, we need to value our resources differently. It’s capacity, carbon and cost – the three Cs. This allows us to create a market around a cluster that can be measured and valued against rival traditional city locations.

In the future, carbon will have value, so low-carbon zones will be financially efficient and will exacerbate that gravitational pull.

Laurence and James provided their unique insight into the sudden move towards a greener and more digitalised society, having developed innovative tools to help clients exploit this opportunity through a bespoke GIS system and three C-compliant energy models.

You can read the full report here