The economics of inaction.


Watch: Matt Jones's talk at Designing the Future.

When it comes to human psychology, what does a cow have in common with a marshmallow?

…Find out by watching Matt Jones’s talk at our 2022 national Designing the Future event, recorded at the Royal Institution, London.

It’s time to throw ‘normal’ out the window entirely and, in the words of Mr T, quit our jibber jabber. 2022 is for doing, not talking.

The speed we moved at during vaccine development, and the cash injected into the veins of scientific investigation, were greater than we thought possible because the threat of the covid-19 pandemic was so visible and tangible. Why, in other equally important areas, is progress so slow?

How can we seize the momentum created by recent emergency innovation, capitalise on this benchmark, and recapture that spirit while we still have time?