Podcast: Spinouts & the city.


Higher education powering innovation.

The Exploration podcast is a place for curiosity, creative thinking and conversation. Each episode, join us as we welcome a variety of guests to discuss the big topics shaping society, planet, and the built environment.

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In episode 22…

…We hear from Professor Michele Barbour, the University of Bristol’s Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor for Enterprise and Innovation – a new role created just six months ago. Following a recent study which has found that the university’s spinout companies generate higher average returns on investment than those of any other UK university, Michele shares her own experience in founding a spinout.

…We have got an ever-increasing ecosystem of innovation in the city, where connections are getting easier and easier to make…

With Hoare Lea’s Applied Research and Innovation Lead, Sam Wilkinson, and Environmental Engineer Alex Gorringe, Michele talks adaptable built environments that teams can quickly use as a base for early-stage research; the cross-fertilisation of ideas; and how a city network can support the commercialisation of science and innovation clusters.

…It’s all about the human beings – it always is. We talk about research, tech transfer, but what this boils down to is human beings getting excited about something and wanting to share it with others…