Flexibility, work-life balance, wellbeing? We’ve got it covered…


Our new 9-day-fortnight policy.

We’ve listened to what our people want and we’re excited to announce that, as part of our Future Ways of Working initiative, we are embracing hybrid working which offers flexibility around where our people work as well as an optional nine-day fortnight which allows our people flexibility around when they work.

The nine-day fortnight is a new firm-wide concept that we are piloting, offering our people the chance to condense their contracted hours and free up an extra day for themselves every two weeks – with full pay and benefits remaining intact. Intended to boost wellbeing, cater to employee individuality and provide flexibility around working patterns, the scheme has already had a 50% take-up.

There’s so much to gain for everyone when people feel trusted to manage their workload and are given the flexibility to work in a way that lets them be at their best. We’re proud to offer a benefit that we feel will be significant to many around the firm.

Erica Coombs-Prole, Director of People and Development.