Our people

Miller Hannah


As head of the People Movement and Operational Assets, my focus is bringing together Fire Engineers, Vertical Transport, Security and Façade Access. We help assist people into the building, quickly and efficiently and in the event of an emergency get them out to safety.

For the Operational Assets side, I incorporate groups that are focused on delivering our strategy of working during the whole building life cycle. These groups look at how existing buildings can perform better and in the case of refurbishments progress towards net zero.

In my role within the People Movement and Operational Assets, I’m currently focusing on…

…on delivering excellent Human-Centric outcomes for our projects. Within Operational Assets, I am committed to increasing our portion of revenue in existing buildings through enhanced tools and client focus.

In addition, I look after the brand and service developing team, working with the Republic of Ireland to create opportunities for our current staff and prospective talent in Dublin.

For me, being a leader at Hoare Lea…

…is very easy, we have fantastic people, and my role is to make sure they have the tools and environment to perform at their best. In so doing we can create market-leading technical specialisms that can help solve our client problems.

As an active supporter of our LGBTQ+ community, I am committed to making our work environment safe, supportive and inclusive, where people feel valued, respected, connected and empowered.