Our heritage.

About Us

One firm. 155 years of legacy.

Our firm’s founder, Henry Lea, was an engineer of remarkable talent. His expertise spanned the civil, mechanical, and electrical disciplines and he was the first person to announce himself as a ‘Consulting Mechanical Engineer’ when he opened his office in Birmingham in 1862.

Henry was a pioneer of electrical lighting installations, efficient heating, and air conditioning systems, particularly in hospitals such as the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast – widely recognised as the first building in the world to be air conditioned for human comfort.

Henry Lea died in 1912, and in 1939 his grandson Donald Lea amalgamated the practice with that of Edwin S. Hoare and Partners of Bristol to form Hoare, Lea and Partners.

With a unique heritage spanning more than 150 years, we are proud to maintain Henry Lea’s commitment to excellence.