Constructing Science: a dynamic model for the market.


Propelling the sector forward as consortium partners.

As partner in the consortium behind Constructing Science, we are joining the mission to make the first step in driving the UK life sciences commercial market towards a common language and point of reference.

Constructing Science offers a first-of-its-kind and free to use dynamic model and building standards for life sciences, which is essential right now with the high demand for lab space.

Our head of Science & Research Andrew Somerville brought his leading sector expertise to the MEP aspects of the report. He says:

Whilst writing the MEP sections of this comprehensive report, I was conscious that the position was to set this baseline of understanding and alignment of the systems for the industry. This will then enable us to move forward with the next iterations, where we can push the industry forward and drive the UK towards being the R&D superpower we are aiming for.

This is particularly important when we consider sustainability and the risk the UK has of adopting international laboratory standards that don’t align with the UKs needs for NZC and ESG.

Being a founding member of the consortium behind constructing science has been a fantastic journey for all involved. With EEDN and Gleeds driving the consortium, we have delivered clear guidance that:

– Collapses the feasibility stage from months to minutes
– Provides clear recommendations for high quality lab space
– …is all done in the hands of trusted practitioners in this space!

This is an exciting new provision for the sector and we are so pleased to play our role in its creation.

This consortium has the potential to lead Net Zero Carbon and ESG standards rather than follow others and that is really exciting for me. I am looking forward to starting on the next iteration and where this journey can take us and the sector.

Andrew Somerville, our head of S&R

Read the full Constructing Science report here. 

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