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Our people: Tom Snelling.


Tom Snelling, Project Director

The importance of Science & Research.

My interest in science buildings…

…developed from the point I worked on an award winning research laboratory, from concept through to completion.  I was fascinated by both the many types of science and technical challenges they impose on services designs, but perhaps more so by the enthusiasm and incredible minds of the scientists we were designing the building for.  This stakeholder engagement process is a part of the journey I really enjoy, as well as the engineering complexities associated with science buildings.  Transposing user needs into a cutting edge, functioning building are what gives me the greatest sense of reward.

Since being at Hoare Lea…

…I’ve had opportunities to work in every sector, for which each has broadened my knowledge to specific requirements and approach to design.  However, I quickly became focused on the more technical projects, which led me to become the regional S&R lead, as well as a Digital Lead for the business.

My most challenging project so far…

…has been working on several semiconductor Fab refurbishments for a particular client.  Projects undertaken have involved having to work in and around live, critical operations, in very hazardous environments.  Understanding the performance and constraints of these systems, and how they can be modified and adapted whilst in use has been very challenging, particularly when the user brief was changing on a daily basis, due to the unknown R&D processes being developed alongside our design phases.

Working in this sector…

…gives me a huge sense of pride.  The small part I can play in supporting the growth of scientific knowledge through applying my engineering knowledge and expertise is incredibly satisfying.

The projects I continue to be involved in will lead to breakthroughs in medical research and treatments, through to technological advancements, which contribute to enhancing and improving our society we all live in.

Outside of work…

…I have a passion for nature and music.  I live in the most beautiful part of the country (yes, I’m probably biased), but with the sea, moors and countryside all on my doorstep, I love to spend time with family and friends in the great outdoors, either on the water or hanging on for dear life to a power kite.  And when the weather’s poor, and I get relieved of father duties, there’s nothing I love more than gracing my decks and annoying the neighbours with some filthy jungle riddims.