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Our people: Christelle Escoffier.


Christelle Escoffier, Senior Associate

Striving to achieve world-leading air quality work.

After a PhD in physical oceanography…

… meteorology and environment studying air-sea interactions in Southwest Atlantic, my early career was in the USA then I continued working in the fields of meteorology and air quality for the last seventeen years in the UK. Each project I have worked on has been interesting and challenging, from the impact of large combustion plant emissions on national parks’ regional haze to odour management of wastewater treatment works.

I joined Hoare Lea in…

… mid-December 2022 which was fortunate timing as it allowed me to attend the company-wide event – which was a fantastic opportunity to meet colleagues and gain insights into the culture of my new company.

I am passionate about protecting both people and the environment and my role as an air quality specialist supports the continuous effort to reduce air pollution and improve air quality in the outside environment as well as our homes and places of work.

I am keen to look for opportunities…

… to develop approaches which will improve the delivery of our projects beyond compliance – providing greater air quality benefits to the projects we are involved with and from this enriching our wider Hoare Lea offering.

To do this I will be building on the existing work the Air Quality group has undertaken, using a collaborative multidisciplinary approach utilising all parts of Hoare Lea – including MEP, Performance, and Sustainability.

Improving indoor air quality is a challenge…

… especially when you have to balance energy efficiency to protect the planet with making people’s environments healthy and safe.

Air Quality interacts with pretty much every discipline – part of my role will be exploring this and harnessing this collective strength that we can bring to bear. Focusing on achieving the end goal of improving air quality and delivering projects that truly embrace our North Star-aligned Air Quality pledges.

I am excited…

… about the numerous possibilities to better integrate air quality across all stages of the built environment process and work in collaboration with other disciplines. As technical lead for the air quality group my role is instrumental in maintaining and enhancing our reputation as world leaders in this field.

We have a fantastic group of air quality professionals in house and an even wider network of contacts in the industry to help build this and move forward.

Whilst not at work…

…I enjoy sailing, swimming, modern and vintage cycling and visiting art exhibitions.