Building Physics

A deep understanding of the physics of buildings enables us to meet the ever-increasing demands to control complex building systems, through more effective and efficient designs.

Head of Building Physics

James Ford, Partner at Hoare Lea

Lead Partner:
James Ford

Building Physics:
Driving performance-led design.

We understand that, first and foremost, buildings are for people. There is a delicate balancing act to be found between environments that enhance people’s wellbeing, architectural vision, in-use energy performance, and commercial drivers. Our building physics capabilities equip our teams with the information needed to find that balance.

We define the best-fit solutions for every project by working collaboratively with architects and wider teams. Our experts provide invaluable analysis and insight into the dynamics of building design, influencing how solutions evolve to meet even the most complex requirements. Utilising our expertise in environmental modelling, dynamic thermal simulation, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), as well as other advanced tools and techniques, we support and guide a performance-led approach to design.

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