Our Project Story

Istanbul New Airport.

IGA | Scott Brownrigg

Miles Freeman, Partner at Hoare Lea

Lead Partner:
Miles Freeman

Illuminating the world’s biggest airport.

Designing the future often means designing spaces bigger than anything in current existence. Set to be the world’s largest airport, ‘Istanbul new airport’ (the current name) is being built in four stages. Phase 1 is the completion of the world’s largest terminal under one roof and is planned for 2018.

Culminating in an eventual 150-million passenger capacity annually, the airport will drastically increase the flights in and out of the capital and bring it up to speed with other cities such as London and Paris.

Experience and expertise.

Our expertise in lighting, daylight design, and acoustics was chosen for this vast project. Sheer scale always brings challenges, and with the added considerations of Istanbul’s climate it was clear the space required innovative thinking. Our experience in creating visual impact for large-scale airports was vital in approaching the design process creatively.

Natural vs artificial.

Crafting a dynamic passenger experience in such a colossal space requires a symbiotic fusion of artificial and natural light. Terminal 1’s design is focused on simplifying passenger flow for a calmer travelling experience. The gigantic main columns supporting the vaulted ceiling were an additional consideration – they stretch from as large as 36 to 54 metres wide in the central area.

We worked with the architecture and interior design to create a solution sympathetic to the scale and iconic architecture of the airport, which features skylights and vaulted ceiling in geometric patterns. The result is a considered and spectacular lighting design that enhances the space for soon-to-be millions of travellers.

Key Figures
6 Runways
350 Destinations
200M Passenger annual capacity