Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Qatar, UAE

Kicking off proceedings.

The 40,000 capacity Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium will be one of eight stadiums to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, creating a culturally diverse and exciting epicentre for this famous tournament.

Cool technology.

The open oculus stadium will be fully cooled to ensure players and spectators alike are comfortable. The cooling systems will reduce temperatures within the stadium to around 26°C. To make this possible, we undertook extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling to optimise the façade and roof to ensure the systems maintained the required conditions throughout the day.

Cultural design.

The stadium incorporates symbols of the country and mirrors the breath-taking lands to the west, showcasing Qatar’s country and heritage. To allow this to be seen globally, we have created two future-proof broadcast infrastructures. For the internal experience, we have also designed a sound system in the stadium bowl, meaning any announcements can be heard clearly by each and every individual. Our state-of-the-art provisions have ensured that Ahmad Bin Ali is prepared and ready for its global audience.

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Key Figures
2022 FIFA World Cup
26°C Stadium temperature
40,000 Capacity