Our people

Miles Freeman


I have always had a desire to conserve the earth’s resources, even prior to sustainability becoming more popular. In addition to my duties as the Partner responsible for managing our London office, my areas of expertise include mission-critical and education projects.

Biggest engineering challenge.

We were asked to undertake an initial review of the engineering system design and resilience of one of the most critical data centres for an international bank handling $500BN a day of financial transactions. Delivering engineering solutions that maintained the data centre in operation while all of the infrastructure was replaced required extensive planning, consideration and innovative thought. We worked on the first element of design and construction, but the success of this initial work led to the team and I delivering the whole plan throughout the next four years.

A defining moment.

On the first project I was asked to run as team leader, I designed a demand-led ventilation system that was cutting edge at the time. Following completion, at a celebration for the BCO Best of the Best award the team had won, the Head of Property personally thanked me. Since then I’ve had the confidence to back my engineering knowledge and have learnt never to be afraid to innovate on a project.