Our people

Mark West


I have always had a passion for engineering and getting the best out of people. Having completed a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at UWIST in Cardiff and trained with BICC, I joined Hoare Lea in 1984. I went on to serve as Partner responsible for managing our Bristol office for more than 10 years. Now, I lead the Governance Function of the firm. Throughout my time at Hoare Lea, I have relished solving the challenges of a growing and evolving business.

Biggest engineering challenge.

One of the biggest engineering challenges I have overseen involved retrofitting a full electrical design into a new, highly technical broadcast building for the BBC. Despite being brought in just days away from the start of construction, we worked with the client, the other designers and the contractor to deliver a successful project.

A defining moment.

I was incredibly proud to host the Bristol office’s celebration of Hoare Lea’s 150th anniversary at one of our own projects – the world-famous Bristol Old Vic theatre. A key part of the brief had been to improve audience comfort and particularly to address the lack of fresh air in summer. Huge amounts of design and construction effort went into meticulously and discretely integrating cooled displacement ventilation into perilously small spaces in the Grade-1-listed architecture, keeping it both invisible and inaudible.

150 years of hard-earned reputation was put on the line with that late summer evening’s performance, and we passed with flying colours!

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