Our people

Graham Cossons


I studied Building Services Engineering at Bath University, which jointly covered Architecture and Engineering in the first year. I have always enjoyed the environmental engineering side of our work – understanding the interaction of systems, architecture and the environment.

Engineering human experiences.

Having specialised in healthcare for the majority of the last 20 years, the creation of healing spaces is a very rewarding outcome of many of my projects. The design of Bristol Children’s Hospital is my particular favourite, as it has been used many times by my own family, as well as many of my friends and colleagues.

A defining moment.

I led a team of engineers to the United States to learn about BIM when it was in its formative stages in the UK. Due to a certain Icelandic volcano eruption, we were stuck there for much longer than expected. However, the extra time helped us to develop our knowledge even further, and be able to set up Hoare Lea with one of the most advanced BIM capabilities in the UK.