Our people

Clive Higham


Engineering runs in my blood – I have always wanted to explore how things work and from an early age, I knew I was going to follow my father into engineering. Having studied Mechanical Engineering, I joined Hoare Lea as a graduate and now have more than 30 years of experience. I am passionate about finding solutions to meet briefs and deliver low-carbon buildings for exceptional value.

Engineering human experiences.

Delivering public buildings that defy expectations is always a satisfying experience. The new sustainable service station at Gloucester on the M5 is widely lauded as the best motorway service area on the British road network! It’s also fantastic to see our work for Cheltenham Racecourse regularly on television, enjoyed every year by tens of thousands of people during the festival.

Biggest engineering challenge.

The delivery of an inhalations pilot plant for a pharmaceutical company was by far the most technically complex scheme I have ever worked on. It required the design of variable humidity, pressure and temperature controlled cleanroom spaces for clinical trials drug production. So much time was spent getting the system commissioned and validated, I thought at one stage it would never get over the finishing line – but we got there in the end!