Our environmental footprint.

Corporate Responsibility

Our pledge.

Every day we challenge ourselves with new ways of reducing the impact of buildings, and people, on our environment.

Environmental sustainability is a key factor in our work – but it’s not the only way we can minimise our footprint for future generations.

Reducing our impact.

We strive to monitor, manage, and improve our environmental impact by:

  • Collecting comprehensive data on energy use and carbon emissions across all of our offices and business travel.
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability is a key factor in the buildings we design.
  • Exploring and improving the optimal conditions of our workspaces, from temperature regulation to air quality monitoring.
  • Using environmental management representatives across the firm to monitor and report on our resource consumption.
  • Employing robust management systems registered to ISO standards.

Our values, aims and guiding principles

Our engagement with society and industry

Our charitable activity