Kel Ross 1984-2023.


Our dear friend and colleague.

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our much-loved colleague Kel Ross.

Kel was a wonderful human being, the best of colleagues, and as big in character as he was in stature.

Kel joined Hoare Lea in 2018 and immediately made a positive impact upon our firm. He and his team worked on some of the most progressive built environment projects in the UK. Kel loved being part of a design team and he excelled at unravelling client problems. A great collaborator, Kel could solve almost any challenge with his brilliant technical skills and teamwork ethos.

Kel led numerous projects with clients at Oxford North, The University of Oxford, Syngenta BioStaR and Harwell. His work on the Life and Mind Building is a perfect example of his unique ability to bring people from all walks of life together; he united an immense number of stakeholders and took the time to empower the people around him.

Prior to joining Hoare Lea, Kel worked for 11 years at Arup. Based in Cardiff, he played a key role on notable projects such as the Proton Beam Therapy Centre at The Christie Hospital, and Cardiff University Translational Research Hub.

Kel was an integral part of the leadership of Hoare Lea; he was a champion for inclusivity, for doing the right thing and he never compromised on his professional values and beliefs.

We will miss him hugely. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and anyone who worked closely with him.

1984 – 2023