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Our People: Charlotte Smith.


Passionate about improving air quality.

Charlotte is a Senior Air Quality Consultant, sitting within our Air Quality team. She supports ambitious projects across the UK, helping clients reach their air quality aims.

I have always been interested in…

…the natural world. I studied Physical Geography at university, and I found myself gravitating towards the environmental modules. It was there that I learnt about the effects of pollution and the impact it has.

While studying, I worked as a healthcare assistant and, in my final year, I monitored the hospital’s air quality as part of my dissertation. The results of this showed me first-hand the relationship between air quality and human health. I knew then that this was an area I wanted to work in.

After graduating…

…I worked as an Environmental Scientist and, in 2019, I joined Hoare Lea as a Senior Air Quality Consultant. In this position I manage projects across the UK helping to build healthier towns and cities.

Working at Hoare Lea has shown me the full impact that air quality has on human health and wellbeing.

It’s great to know my job has a tangible impact on the wider world.

I have a keen interest in…

…odour assessment work! I can conduct sniff tests, as my odour acuity has been tested and signed off. It’s a unique skill to have and a great conversation starter!

I’ve been working on…

…a development in West Sussex ever since I started at Hoare Lea. It was my first odour assessment project and, in both 2019 and 2020, I conducted on-site sniff test assessments. It’s been great to be involved over a long period of time as I’ve really enjoyed working closely with the planners and clients on this project.

Building up great working relationships is really important to me as it encourages collaboration, innovation and feedback.

In my spare time…

… I love to travel and attend gigs and festivals. Obviously, the events of 2020 have stopped me doing this, but I’m really looking forward to being able to do it all again soon.