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Our People: Robin Griffiths.


Pushing boundaries in sustainable design.

After I finished school…

…I didn’t go to university. I started my career as a Mechatronics Apprentice, later joining Honda Engineering where I designed, managed and installed robotics machinery to build cars. For 11 years I received my qualifications while balancing both work and life. There is a Japanese word ‘Kaizen’, which means “small but persistent changes for the better”. This sums up my approach to learning perfectly!

I joined Hoare Lea…

…in Cardiff 13 years ago and I now work as an Associate. I love my job and the technical challenges I get to solve. Being an engineer is incredibly varied and the projects keep me on my toes.

To meet the UK’s 2050 targets…

…the country needs to be making an existing house zero carbon every minute. Yet, the industry continues to build new homes that don’t even come close to hitting them. We have proof that zero carbon housing developments are possible, and I believe they should become the norm.

While there are significant hurdles to overcome, the fight against climate change should be a priority and I am pleased to see our industry’s growing commitment.

Our Cardiff office is involved in some of the UK’s biggest low and zero carbon developments including Parc Eirin, Gwynfaen Farm, The Mill, Parc Hadau and many more.

These schemes are gaining traction, with Parc Eirin being featured on Robert Llewellyn’s Fully Charged show.

It’s exciting that…

…one day we will be able to generate, use and store all our energy in a clean and sustainable way.

As engineers, we can change the future. Humanity has been using fire as fuel for somewhere between 1.5 million and 300,000 years. Our generation might be the first to stop this.

I am proud of…

…all the projects I have worked on, but I really enjoy sports, leisure and Stadiums in particular, as the finished result can bring happiness and joy to a lot of people. Al Ain Stadium was one of the first major projects we did in Abu Dhabi and it was a steep learning curve. On my first day I was told that the current electrical design was stopping 200-tonnes of cement from getting poured, which meant some intense problem solving!

In my spare time…

…I like sea swimming, which is a new passion I recently discovered. I also enjoy surfing and, if I am organised enough, I occasionally try and get out on the water before work… and of course, I can’t spend enough time with my family and my young children.